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Technologist R&D


Founder and CEO of ZBiotics, Zack Abbot, doing his genetic engineering thing in the FOCUS lab for a better and healthier YOU!

Mr. Gasser discovered many Technical Breakthroughs and solved many Chemical photo processing problems in the basement of his laboratory at 181 2nd street.

Similarly in this very same laboratory and technical workshop, modern day San Francisco innovators are deeply engaged in creative research and development pursuits of various products. FOCUS Innovation Studio fosters the growth of these emerging innovators, scientist and makers on the very same 80 year old laboratory bench tops used by Mr. Gasser. His innovative legacy is truly felt in every square foot at 181 2nd Street.

FOCUS enables scientists and biotech entrepreneurs to research and develop their ideas and products by providing economical research space, a large biotech community and a host of services to accelerate their success. Our technologist work space offers the following shared equipment:

  • Laminar flow hoods

  • Centrifuges

  • Incubators and CO2 incubators

  • PCR Thermocycler

  • Spectrophotometer

  • RO Water

  • DI Water

  • MiliQ Water

  • Gel Electrophoresis set-ups

  • UV Transilluminator

  • -80C Freezer | -20 Freezer | 4C Fridge

  • Liquid Nitrogen Cryostorage

  • Autoclave

  • Lab Glassware

  • Sonicator (wand and bath)

  • Oven | Vacuum Pumps | Peristalic Pumps

  • Microscopes: Digital Image Capturing

  • Dissecting Scope

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